Dr. Shefki Hysa and Mr. Ndrec Dedaj in the Inauguration of Anton Çeta Bust

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On 12 December 2015, in Rreshen, Mirdite, Albania, was inaugurated the bust of the personality Prof. Dr. Anton Çeta, the great Albanian of international reconciliation . Dr. Shefki Hysa, Governor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity conferred to Mr. Ndrec Dedaj, Mayor of the Municipality of Mirdite, the Acknowledgement Certificate (after death) of Prof. Dr. Anton Çetaj with the motivation: “For the great commitment and precious contribution in Education, for the inspiration of patriotism and inter-tribal and inter-community peace coexistence, as a well-known Activist of Human Rights, as a Peace Missionary, as a Publicist, as Ambassador of the Albanian Culture, as Leader and Promoter of the Missions that bring Peace and Prosperity for all humanity.” This Acknowledgment certificate will be exhibited in the Historic Museum of Rreshen, Mirdite, Albania.

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